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LED TVs are no small purchase. Hence, with such an investment, one needs to know what to look for when buying a new LED TV

1. For your home theatre requirement, look for an LED TV with local dimming. This is the best LED TV – one that is able to dim the backlight only in dark portions of a movie which will result to greater detail and contrast, making your movie viewing more enjoyable.

2. Look for the LED TV that is slim and thin. LED backlights allow the TV to be made the slimmest size possible. Mounting a TV on the wall will be a lot easier if the TV is slim allowing the wall to carry its mounting load with ease.

3. Look for an LED TV with a fast refresh rate. Standard TVs refresh at 60 Hz. The best TVs should refresh at 240 Hz or even faster.

When buying a new LED TV, look for the reliable brand – SkyHi. It has a wide array of LED TV collection, each model proudly providing elegant appearance, quality entertainment solution, energy saving and user-friendly features. Recipient of the “China’s best LED backlit LCD TV Product Award” in 2009, there can be no better brand than SkyHi for quality LED TV.


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