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SkyHi 32” LED TV Smart (HD) Review

Using your TV to just watch television is so old fashioned! Experience the future with your SkyHi Smart TV. Browse the internet, check up on your friends via Facebook, keep up to date on Twitter, manage your emails, watch the latest trending videos on YouTube and get the latest Android apps and games — all on the amazing 32” HD display of your SkyHi Smart TV.


Google Android


With an amazingly fast browser cloud sync multi-tasking, easy connect & share and the latest Google apps (and thousands of other apps available on Google Play) your Android powered device is beyond smart.


Smart TV


Access the internet on your TV. Browse the web, stream movies and connect to your favourite social media services.


Smoother Picture


With high-speed refresh rates up to 60 Hz SPS 2, SkyHi HDTVs keep pace with even the fastest-packed blockbusters and action-packed sports, presenting them with a smoothness and stability that captures every image in astonishing detail.


Vibrant Contrast


From true blacks to pure white and every shade in between, SkyHi HDTV's feature dazzling contrast that displays each image with spectacular intensity and realism. 




The 32” SkyHi Smart LED TV (HD) comes equipped with HDMI input, gives you the option to hook your TV up to your laptop, camera or other device to view any movies, photos or videos that you have stored on it in incredible HD.


USB Input


The USB Input allows you to plug in your favourite USB storage device and play your photos, movies, videos and music through the TV, creating an amazing entertainment experience for you and your friends!


Energy Saving Technology


Watch television in HD — the crisp, clear images will make you feel like you’re part of the action! Plus, get access to all the free-to-air HD channels, for some of the best TV viewing possible.


Duel Core Processor


Two cores mean faster multi-tasking and higher performance, whether you're playing games, watching movies or browsing the web.