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SkyHi Introduces 40” HD LED TV with Amazing features

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SkyHi revealed today the latest addition to its family of premium TVs with the SkyHi 40” LED HD TV with amazing features.

Equipped with a Full HD 1080p Resolution with smil bezel that gives feel like higly premium design.
with SkyHi LED HD TV you can experience the full length motion clarity crystal-clear moving images, movies in HD 1080p with SkyHi’s digital 40” full HD LED TV. Enjoy the SkyHi’s 40" 1080p resolution LED HDTV picture quality that looks stunning with Ultra slim Clear Panel. The HDTV panel includes unique Eco sensor technology that will consume low energy and control light effects.

The SkyHi’s 40 inch S LED TV HD features DLNA PC-Network that will allow you to access to videos, photos, music and multimedia content on your PC or Home Network using your TV remote control.